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How to Conduct a Successful Remote Board Meeting

A remote board meeting is conducted via video conference call where the board members do not physically meet. It was a growing method for conducting business during the coronavirus pandemic, and will likely remain so post-pandemic.

The key to a efficient and effective remote board is using the appropriate tools. All materials should be available to board members in advance of the meeting. This will save time and will avoid confusion during the meeting. It’s also useful to record the meeting, particularly when there’s a lot of discussion or if it’s an extended meeting.

Encourage board members to be aware of their surroundings when they are logging into the meeting. Distractions such as dogs barking, noisy street noises or even the tiniest noise of a TV in another room can distract you and make it hard to concentrate during the meeting. Board members should, in the ideal scenario, be able to sign in from their office using an unlocked, quiet door.

It’s crucial to make the board member’s presence at beginning of the meeting. This not only ensures that everyone is present, but it sets the tone for the meeting and also shows that it’s a crucial issue. It’s also a good idea to stop after each agenda item to solicit feedback. This can increase participation and increases participation, even from remote members. The board can take action following the feedback after the meeting, if it so chooses.

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