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What to Include in Your Data Room for Investors

Whether you are raising Seed/Angel or Series A funding, it’s important to curate an effective Data room for investors. This virtual “room”, which is used to organize and communicate all the information an investor requires in order to make a decision to invest in your business, allows investors to make their decision.

Investor presentations are the most obvious element to include in your data room for investors. This will give them an overview of your company’s history along with financials, as well as forward-looking projections. The information you provide can be included in your investor database to facilitate due diligence and allow investors to look deeper into the details.

All of your current accounting records should be in your Data Room for Investors. This will provide the historical data an investor would need for a discounted cash flow analysis. In any Data room that is available to investors, a solid financial modeling that allows an analyst to look at the assumptions and the resilience of your company’s business to market volatility is essential. Many startups struggle to create this type of modeling and often hire an expert to assist them. One excellent tool being used by more than 4,000 startups is Sturppy that is a user-friendly and easy financial modeling platform designed for founders.

Based on the stage of your business it may be necessary to include:

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