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At MARS Secure Ambulance Services, our unwavering commitment to patient-centered care drives everything we do. Our fully trained and compassionate staff, specialized training programs, and dedicated resources enable us to provide exceptional service delivery. With over 15 years of combined experience in secure ambulance services, we support patients of all ages and backgrounds, including children with mental health illnesses or complex needs.

The consistent praise from patients and healthcare professionals attests to our unmatched ambulance and mental health support, our understanding of complex needs and mental health challenges, and our specialist support capabilities. Even in the most challenging scenarios, we deliver successful and positive outcomes for our clients and patients.




    -Patient Transport Services
    -Mental Health Ambulance Services
    -Non Emergency Patient
    Transport Services (NEPT)
    -Secure Support for Section
    135 / 136 Act


    – ACUTE & PICU ( Mental health transport for people with acute mental illness )
    ( Secure Patient Transport for patients in Medium to High secure facilities )
    – CAMHS
    ( Secure mental health transfers for children and adolescents.)
    ( Secure care ambulance support for people who have intellectual disability )
    ( Secure ambulance services connecting the pathways to recovery )


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Established In 2015

A Leading Medical Service Provider

Our success and growth stem from our continuous investment in enhancing services, products, and training. An example of this dedication is the development of bespoke ambulance vehicles, designed by our team to provide various levels of secure transport. We tailor our transport solutions to meet individual patient needs, ensuring satisfaction at every level.

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About Our Services

Low Secure Ambulance

Mars Ambulance offers a specialized Low Secure Ambulance Service designed for patients who require medical transport under controlled but less restrictive conditions. This service is ideal for individuals who need continuous medical monitoring and support during transit but do not pose a significant risk to themselves or others.


High Secure Transport

Mars Ambulance provides a High Secure Ambulance Service tailored for patients who require stringent security measures during medical transport. This service is crucial for individuals who may pose a significant risk to themselves or others, necessitating a highly controlled environment.


Young Person Transport

Mars Ambulance offers a dedicated Young Person Transport service, specializing in the safe and compassionate transfer of children and adolescents. This service is tailored to meet the unique needs of younger patients, ensuring their comfort, security, and emotional well-being during transit.


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