Secure Transport Services


  • Established in 2015, our training center at MARS Secure Ambulance offers a variety of courses to both the public and existing ambulance staff. Our facility is designed to provide comprehensive training programs that enhance the skills and knowledge of all participants.

    Key features of our training center include:

    – *Certified Trainers*: All our trainers are industry-certified and bring extensive experience, ensuring high-quality and relevant training.

    Our commitment to training excellence ensures that all participants are well-prepared to handle real-world scenarios with confidence and competence.

    Please see our available courses below:

  • First Aid AED
    Appointed Persons in the Workplace Basic Equestrian First Aid
    Basic First Aid
    COSHH Level 2
    Fire Safety Awareness Level 1 Family First Aid
    Fire Safety Principles Level 2 First Aid at Work Level 3
    First Aid At Work Annual Refresher First Aid Plus
    First Aid at Work Requalification First Aid for Cyclists
    First Aid at Work Requalification for Forestry (FAW-F) First Aid for Teachers
    First Aid for Motorcyclists
  • Health and Safety Principles
    Health and Safety Awareness Level 2 Infection Control Awareness
    Infection Control for Healthcare Workers Oxygen Provider
    Moving and Assisting of People Level 2 Parent First Aid
    Paediatric First Aid Level 3 Risk Assessment Level 2
    Paediatric First Aid for Nannies and Au Pairs Safeguarding of Children
    Safe Moving and Handling Level 2 Sports First Aid
    Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
  • In addition to mandatory basic training modules, we are able to offer the following specific mental health training:

    Mental Capacity Act Mental Health Awareness
    Control and Restraint Use of Restraint Equipment
    Disengagement of Vulnerable Persons Conflict Resolution
    Management of Violence and Aggression Physical Intervention
    De-Escalation Techniques