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Low Secure Ambulance

Low Secure Ambulance Service Mars Ambulance offers a specialized Low Secure Ambulance Service designed for patients who require medical transport under controlled but less restrictive conditions. This service is ideal for individuals who need continuous medical monitoring and support during transit but do not pose a significant risk to themselves ...

High Secure Transport

High Secure Ambulance Service Mars Ambulance provides a High Secure Ambulance Service tailored for patients who require stringent security measures during medical transport. This service is crucial for individuals who may pose a significant risk to themselves or others, necessitating a highly controlled environment. Our high secure ambulances are equipped ...

Young Person Tranport

Young Person Transport Mars Ambulance offers a dedicated Young Person Transport service, specializing in the safe and compassionate transfer of children and adolescents. This service is tailored to meet the unique needs of younger patients, ensuring their comfort, security, and emotional well-being during transit. Our vehicles are equipped with child-friendly ...